Wedding Videography & Wedding Video Production

It seems that everyone shoots wedding videos these days. Why should you choose us? Because we take extra care to provide you with a quality product and offer many unique options to better remember your special day, such as our Virtual Guest Book. While shooting your wedding, our unique backgrounds in news and digital film allow us to find the perfect blend of documentary style shooting with artistic cinematography, so we can tell your story with more impact and emotion without missing a single moment of your day.

Funeral Video Services/ Funeral Video Production

Shonan Gold is both discreet and tasteful in our production of funeral videos. Let us produce a simple, yet powerful photo montage video in memory of your loved one, or incorporate home movies, audio clips and other recordings to create a richer and more vibrant video in honor the celebrant. We also videotape funeral services to preserve the memories of the celebrant, as well as to help you to share the day with those who may be unable to attend. Discounts are available for families with a relative or friend who is actively serving in the military. Take a look at our funeral service demo video.

Television and Commercial Production

Our staff has the knowledge and experience to make your television or commercial production successful through all stages of production. We can help write a powerful script and aid in finding the perfect locations in pre-production, then take that work and put it into action during production using the latest in HD video production equipment. In post, our editors can add the right graphics and effects to give your final video the right look it needs, while maintaining all technical requirements for high definition television broadcast. Whether you want to produce a reality show, documentary or drama, or are looking for a 15, 30 or 60 minute spot, Shonan Gold can turn your vision into reality.

Mission Messages/Mission Message Videos

Getting the message out has always been important, but the way to do that best has changed. Videos are a part of our every day lives. By creating a video that tells the powerful story of your ministry, you can leverage an effective communication tool to enhance fund raising efforts and preserve the value of your work. Whether it is a missionary telling about his or her time spent abroad, or local church updates, our videographers can help you get your message out. Here is a mission video we produced for Cornerstone's VBS last year.

Recital and Music Videos/Event Video Production

One of our most popular services is videotaping recitals and other live music events. Whether your recital is at FSU, FAMU, or in the community, we have the equipment and know-how to capture not only a great video, but excellent audio as well. Glenn was trained in recording arts, receiving a Bachelor of Music in Sound Recording Technology while also studying trombone performance, so he knows how to produce the best audio recording possible. Recital videos are great for upcoming auditions, gifts to family members, or simply as a way to preserve your once-in-a-lifetime event.